Different Types of Window Treatments

Redecorating your window is a fantastic way to spruce up the sides of your home quickly. You can also choose more conventional accessories with a wide range of designs and styles to fit all tastes and styles of homes. You can also use colorful blinds which are available in designs to suit each room of your home as well as the unique living situation you are creating.

In choosing a window, you should decide if you are going to use shutters or curtains. Window shutters offer a sleek, less ornate and ancient style that can add new dimension to your windows. If you are thinking that shutters are not for you and you are looking for something more modern and trendy, you need to look at curtains as an alternative.

There are a few things to consider when choosing which kind of window shutters to use. The first should be though the difference in these two types of window treatments and how they are going to influence your décor.


Usually, curtains are made of heavier drapes of which are hung from the top of your window and secure using a curtain rod that runs down and stows away on your window sill. Compared to shutters which are made with narrower materials and are hung a bit lower, curtains put more strain on the window and window treatment design itself.

The advantages of curtains are that you have a wider range of fabrics and styles to choose from. The disadvantage is that you are restricted to what you can use to cover your window. By hanging larger pieces of curtains on your windows, they over shadow your window treatments such as blinds that provide light management and privacy. Curtains are usually chosen for appearance over function in home décor.


Simply put, shutters are solid and wooden shutters that are usually attached to your window or called an phenomenally paned window. Shutter windows were once a craze. Today, however, they are considered old fashion and few people use them anymore. Instead of shutters, window treatments such as shades, draperies and blinds are the number one choices.

There are several different styles and types of shutter, including a board and batten style, louvered, gambrel, plantation, and the stationary panel pace which are various options in that they can be raised and lowered like traditional shutters.

Each type of shutter has its place in your home as well as your window treatment needs. Base your decision on just what you want the look of the window treatment and the feel of the room to be and then choose an appropriate window treatment.

You may want to consider adding a little color and decorative appeal to your window with curtains and not give up function for form. Some popular alternatives to curtains are just a plain valance, a cornice board, or a pleated valance which can be folded up for a clean and fuss free look. You can even go one step further and add individual window treatments.

Window treatments can be easy to incorporate into an existing room décor. Look for accessories to add pizazz to your room such as colorful and flip-earing decorative pillows and accessories. Look at all of the different types of window treatments, then decide what fits your individual personality and style.

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