Tips For Choosing Men’s Watches

Tips For Choosing Men’s Watches

When you want to buy a affordable mechanical watches, maybe you men are confused when choosing it because there are so many brands with various mainstay models each. Starting from the size, casual models, sporty, elegant, and a variety of color choices as well.

From a variety of differences, choose a watch with features to suit your daily activities. Don’t regret the wrong purchase. For that, consider a few tips on choosing a men’s watch that will help you to not get wrong in buying a watch!

1. Adjust the wrist
Man’s wrists are different, some are wide, some are small. Adjusting the circumference of the watch with your wrist is very important so that the watch can fit with your wrist, not loose or even too small so it cannot be worn.

2. Watch Strap Width
If it is by your wrist, also adjust the width of the watch strap you will choose. Adjust it to the ‘head’ of your watch, not to buy the wrong rope, you should wear a thick one, but you instead buy a thin one.

3. Type of Rope
There are many types of watch straps, some are leather, stainless steel chains, rubber, and titanium chains. This watch strap selection will determine your comfort when wearing the watch.

4. Thick Watches
Currently the trend of watches with a minimalist design and a thin case. However, this trend does not necessarily suit you, you still need to pay attention and adjust it with your hands.
If you have thin hands, buy a watch with a thick case so your hands will look fuller.

5. Pay attention to the Material
Watch materials that are widely used to date are metal or stainless steel. Make sure you buy a watch that uses metal or metal that is solid and heavy so that it gives the impression of the best build quality. Because if your watch case is lightweight, it means that your watch material is made of mixed iron, obviously the quality is different. If you choose a watch with stainless steel, buy one that uses the 316L type.

6. Understand Your Character
Have you made sure you recognize yourself? If you are a man who likes to do heavy activities, like sports, and other outdoor activities, you can buy a sporty watch type.
If you are the type of person who looks neat or you are an office person, the type of clock that suits you is a clock with a casual type. Well, if you are someone who likes old styles, you can choose a watch with a classic type.
Besides being cool, this clock is also simpler. Finally, if you are a casual person, who doesn’t like excessive things, you can buy a casual type watch.

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