There Are 5 Tips To Clean Your House During COVID-19 Pandemic

There Are 5 Tips To Clean Your House During COVID-19 Pandemic

During this pandemic, being at home might be the best thing we can do, especially to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. With lots at home, that means we have enough time to do things that we rarely do before, one of which is like cleaning the house. Believe it or not, a clean home can inspire us to move. In addition, a clean home is also certainly good for the health of our entire family at home. Well, here are five House Cleaning tips during this pandemic.

1. Clean areas that are rarely touched

Don’t just clean the visible area of the house. Now is the time to start cleaning up areas that are rarely touched. Like the top of the cupboard and back of the cupboard, under the bed, under the carpet, or picture frames that are usually dusty at the top. This not only makes the house cleaner but also makes the environment healthier.

2. Wash the curtains

One interior of the house that is also rarely “touched” is the curtains. In fact, the dust is very easy to stick to this curtain. It’s time to wash the curtains at home now, in order to avoid irritation of dust that can interfere with breathing.

3. Clean the window

While the curtains are being removed to be washed, it is also time to clean the glass from dust and stick to make the window dull. This way your window will be shiny again.

4. Clean wood furniture

Does your house use a lot of wooden furniture? If so, clean this furniture from dust sticking with a special wood cleaning liquid. This way, besides being clean, the furniture will also be more durable and durable.

5. Clean the bathroom

The bathroom has a high level of humidity that allows the growth of mold, mildew, and dirt on the floor and walls in the bathroom. While at home, it’s time we clean the bathroom by brushing the floor and draining the tub thoroughly.

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