Cleaning Tile Floors

Tile floors that are attacked by mold are less pleasing to the eye and can even cause disease. Generally, tiles that are attacked by molds are in a humid place like the bathroom. One way to remove stains caused by fungus is to use the help of professional service. Or you could try to remove it on your own by using cleaning powder. By using cleaning products in the form of powder to clean moldy floors is not too popular in the general public but in hotels, offices are often used. How to clean the floor using cleaning powder as follows. Tools and materials: water, toothbrushes, sponge, powder, brushes, plastic containers. Mix 1 spoonful of powder with 1/4 cup of clean water evenly in a plastic container. If the stain is very severe, the amount of the powder can be increased. Clean the tile with a brush or sponge

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