Investigating CBD Oil And Its Benefits For Health

Investigating CBD Oil And Its Benefits For Health

Have you heard about CBD oil? In short, this is the oil extracted from cannabis leaves. The oil, with the full name Cannabidiol oil, is accused of being able to provide a myriad of health benefits, although cannabis itself is something that is prohibited by various countries. CBD Oil is extracted from one of the chemical compounds produced by cannabis plants. This was explained by researchers from the American Cannabis Nurses Association, Sarah Cohen.

CBD oil is obtained when you take cannabinoids from cannabis and mix it with a type of coconut oil. Meanwhile, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol – a compound in cannabis that makes you intoxicated – may not be involved in making CBD oil.

CBD oil means it will not make users drunk. The duties and functions of this oil are only intended to help reduce anxiety and depression.

CBD oil users in the United States say that they stopped using chemical drugs after using this herb. In fact, 80 percent of these people said that they felt that CBD oil was very effective.

Although not a few people recognize the benefits of the oil, CBD oil can not be circulated properly. This is because some regions have their own rules in the use of all elements related to narcotics.

Although considered a narcotics and dangerous to health, marijuana itself is actually being discussed as well as being researched to become an herbal medicine that is able to slow down or stop the spread of cancer cells.

That’s because the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics revealed that cannabidiol (one of the compounds in cannabis) has the ability to stop cancer by turning off a gene called Id-1. This has been recognized by a number of medical practitioners.

Not limited to that, cannabis is also believed to cure Parkinson’s disease, glaucoma, and Alzheimer’s. Related to this, experts are still doing further research to ensure that cannabis can be truly beneficial.

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